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ISBN: 978-0-9562225-1-0


The long awaited sequel to Repercussion

Despite the carnage and chaos caused by the cyber attacks throughout the Western World, the second phase was halted. The authorities are desperately seeking Ritter, the Al Qaeda mastermind behind the attacks, before he can strike again. Ritter is determined to exact revenge on Ginger Symonds and the others who stopped him. Revenge is a powerful motive, but it can have unexpected results. His hastily arranged ambushes have cost him several of his men and caused the ruthless slaughter of innocent bystanders. The swift reprisal cost him his life and his most prized possession, his laptop. Al Qaeda want revenge and need to get the laptop back, but Ginger Symonds and his crew have dropped out of sight. As Al Qaeda frantically spread the word through their global network of contacts, the authorities notice the huge increase in communications. What is so important? Ginger Symonds has again, unknowingly, become the centre of an international manhunt to either recover the laptop or prevent Al Qaeda getting it back; at any cost.

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